In an attempt to find the best Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution to meet our client’s needs, we have done some exhaustive research and repeatedly one name kept outshining the rest. That solution is:

VoIP and Phone System Houston

Headquartered in the Houston suburb of Alvin, Texas, VirtualTone supplies a full-featured and customizable hosted telephone system for small and midsized businesses. They specialize in providing growing companies enterprise-level communication options that enable organizations to move past their antiquated phone system, cut communication costs, and improve efficiency.

VirtualTone solves the following headaches:

  • Unreasonable Phone Bills
  • Busy signals and system conjestion.
  • Being out of touch when you're out of the office
  • Lack of options your out-of-date phone system has.
  • Lack of Communication capabilities.
  • Having to deal with a traditional phone company.

VirtualTone offers…

  • An affordable, flat-rate phone bill
  • A dedicated system, rare for a hosted communicaitons solution.
  • Communications wherever you have internet access.
  • Automatic updates to ensure superior usability. 
  • Complete communication cababilities built into the offering.

VIrtualTone offers complete communications solutions, including:

  • Phone Systems - The VirtualTone communications solution will be the last telephone system you’ll ever need, period.
  • Dedicated Phone Lines - VirtualTone provides each user his or her own dedicated phone line to ensure there is no service congestion.
  • Web & Voice Conferencing Capabilities - Hold meetings from anywhere you have an internet connection with VirtualTone’s web and voice conferencing solutions.
  • Live Reporting - Track usage with full reporting capabilities, in real time.
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration - Have access to calls and voicemails conveniently located within a user’s Outlook e-mail program.
  • Paging and Intercom Capabilities - Never miss a call with VirtualTone’s paging and Intercom capabilities.
  • Call Recording - Easily record important calls for later reference.
  • Call Following - Not at your desk? Not a problem. With VirtualTone’s Call Following capabilities, if you are away from your desk, or away from the office, calls can follow you anywhere.
  • Web & E-mail Hosting - Along with your hosted phone solution, VirtualTone offers hosting for your website and your organization’s e-mail.
  • Private Chat Capabilities - Dedicated private messaging.
  • Unlimited Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Customizable options that keep your people from fielding calls they don’t need to take to help promote efficiency.

Why should I go through {Partner name} when I could partner directly wiith VirtualTone?

  • We provide VirtualTone's Comprehensive communications solutions to you at cost
  • We have experience installing VoIP systems
  • We provide thorough IT consulting to make sure you have no hardware-related issues
  • We work closely with your ISP to ensure a seamless transition.

Is there financing available?

Even though you will be saving money over your old system, financing terms are available. Minimum 24 months and $1,000.

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