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What challenges does the Construction Industry face in 2017?

We are getting ready to close the books on 2016 and immediately move into the next year. Are you ready? What have you done to prepare for the year? Are you working on goals, resolutions? What about goals for your business or your career?

Do you have your strategy all mapped out? Do you plan to grow or maintain your business…your life?


Each industry looks a little different, yet they all face some of the same challenges.

At VirtualTone we focus our strategy on marketing to a different industry each month, beginning with the insurance businesses in November. Here we are in December and focused on construction businesses and what are their specific challenges, especially as we enter 2017.

We are looking ahead to see what encounters each industry must prepare for, and overcome, especially if they plan to do more in 2017 than in 2016.

As we focus on the Construction Industry. Where is it headed? What challenges lie ahead? What opportunities?

According to research, there are a number of challenges facing construction businesses in 2017. The top five are also going to be consistent with challenges of other industries. They are:

  • Possible qualified worker shortage – This challenge could also create some other challenges and the percentage of trained workers decreases and new workers are hired.
  • Generational differences – How to work with Gen X and Millennials also is a challenge in more than one industry.
  • New technology – Embracing new ideas, software and automation is especially challenging in a hands-on industry like construction.
  • Working with environmental issues – Keeping up with sustainability demands is a definite concern for construction businesses.
  • Complex projects – In the Digital world in which we live, projects extend further than ever before, more complex—all bring challenging issues.

Where challenges lie ahead for you? Are you prepared. Do your homework and research! Then call us! We would love to help you to make sure your communication needs are ready for the challenge.

VirtualTone is a complete, customized communication service provider. We have competitively priced, customized, scalable solutions for the small business to the contact center.


Happy New Year!
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