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What Does "End of Sale Phone" Mean?

Trying to pick a new office phone when you are so comfortable with the phone you have been using is a bit tricky. However, upgrading your phone doesn't only help you keep up with evolving features, but it is necessary for your companies security. 


It is easy to get comfortable with a certain with your current phone, especially when you are on the phone more than you are off it. This makes it a little difficult to hear the news that the SoundPoint IP Desk Phones are going to be End of Sale. But the good news is that we are here to help you pick the right VVX phone and provide the training that will make your choice stress-free!

End of Sale for All SoundPoint IP Desk Phones (Support for software/security ends Dec 31, 2019)

This End of Sale will enable Polycom to streamline  Voice Desktop phone product portfolio and optimally align with our current UC Software strategy.

Transition to VVX Business Media Phones Since the VVX 500 was launched in 2012 and with the recent addition of VVX 101 and 201 models, the VVX Business Media Phone series offers functionally richer technology and is recommended as the superseding solution to the SoundPoint IP family.

Polycom does not intend to pursue feature development on SoundPoint IP Series. Until its End Support date, SoundPoint IP continues to be fully supported from a maintenance perspective and subject to Polycom End Of Life policy for hardware/software products.

Model   End of Sale          End of Manufacturer Support

SoundPoint IP 321           Sep 30, 2016      Dec 31, 2019

SoundPoint IP 331           Sep 30, 2016      Dec 31, 2019

SoundPoint IP 335           Sep 30, 2016      Dec 31, 2019

SoundPoint IP 450           Sep 30, 2016      Dec 31, 2019

SoundPoint IP 550           Sep 30, 2016      Dec 31, 2019

SoundPoint IP 560           Sep 30, 2016      Dec 31, 2019

SoundPoint IP 650           Sep 30, 2016      Dec 31, 2019

SoundPoint IP 670           Sep 30, 2016      Dec 31, 2019

If you’d like more information about Polycom’s End of Life Policy, please see their Support site.

We encourage all customers to consider the VVX Business Media Phone series, which replaces the SoundPoint IP series and offers better functionality and a richer experience.

Please contact us if you’re interested in selecting a replacement phone, or if you have any questions or concerns.

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