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Hurricane Season is Upon Us! Is Your Business Prepared?

Hurricane season is always a little nerve racking....especially if you live along the coast. The Weather Channel recently announced that Colorado University recently upped the prediction of hurricane's this year from 12 to 15 with 8 becoming hurricanes. 

This doesn't mean that any will even make landfall, it is just a prediction. But, is your business prepared for worst case scenario?



"A warmer-than-normal tropical Atlantic is generally associated with lower surface pressures, increased mid-level moisture and weaker trade winds, creating a more conducive dynamic and thermodynamic environment for hurricane formation and intensification," said the Colorado State University team.

If you live along the coast or have had previous experience with hurricanes or flooding then you understand how important having the best insurance is. But something businesses fail to remember is "how will I communicate with my clients in an emergency? 

We establish a Disaster Preparedness Plan when you commit to a VirtualTone Solution so you are never without a phone!

How does VirtualTone always keep you in contact with your clients? 

We address this in multiple ways:

  • For those customers that have multiple ISP's, our Virtualtone router can be configured to fail over traffic to your secondary ISP automatically when the primary circuit goes down. 
  • For those customers that do not have redundant ISP's, we can configure a Call Flow Control that will send all inbound calls to another destination, whether that is a voicemail box, a cell phone, or an answering service.  
  • We can also, in lieu of a global Call Flow Control, configure individual extensions to use the Follow Me feature to ring their cell phones.  The Follow Me feature is also useful for people that are not always around their desk phone.

Interested in making a personalized Disaster Preparedness Plan for your VirtualTone communication system? Call one of our specialists today!

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