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Increase the efficiency of your insurance agency with EZLynx

EZLynx is a software solution designed to help improve your agency’s workflow in meaningful ways. But the best part is that EZLynx is a set of tools, which means that you can access these tools individually or you can get them as a package if you so desire.

Rating engine

EZLynx offers a rating engine that makes it suitable for agencies. You can easily use this to compare various insurance offers on the market. This way you can figure out the best options on the market for free. EZLynx covers almost all states, so you get accurate information regardless of where you live.

Management system

The unique management system helps you get access to your data and record all content in no time. You can track your profits, identify the needs of your insurance customers and also reach a variety of customer service benefits in no time.

Consumer quoting

If you have an insurance agency and you need to share quotes with clients, EZLynx has a tool to help you with that. You will have an automated quoting system that can be added to your site. This is a powerful add-on designed to make your business more powerful and comprehensive in no time.

Communication center

EZLynx helps you make customer communication a lot easier. They do a great job at helping you manage and track emails; you can even see highlighted information that will come in handy during the insurance process.

Client center

The client center allows you to get access to the customer ID cards and policy documents. The best part here is that you can get all the documentation and help you need very quickly, with results being amazing.

Marketing campaigns

One of the best ways to stand out in the insurance industry is to create meaningful insurance campaigns. EZLynx helps you do that, and you can easily send emails, design new campaigns, schedule messages and so on.

Sales center

The sales center is a great tool for EZLynx users because you get to see the current opportunities on the market. You can also see things like close ratios for the insurance agents. It’s a smart way to track performance and boost the way you handle your finances in a meaningful way.

Retention center

If you want to retain your customer’s attention, you may want to use this feature. It’s a system that works quite nicely because it’s distinct, reliable and very powerful. It also brings in front some new features and options all the time.

If you want to take your insurance business to new heights, EZLynx can help you with that. It offers a huge array of insurance tools and a software package designed to make things easier for your agency. Thankfully, you can use only one of these tools, or all of them. There are also numerous customization options, which means you can easily get a very good return on investment each time you use this. Insurance agency owners should focus on integrating EZLynx into their business, as it will make managing all processes an amazing experience!

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