Manually Configure Polycom SoundPoint IP Phones

Manually configuring a Polycom SoundPoint IP 320, 321, 330, 331, 450, 550, 560, 650, 670 and SoundStation IP 6000, 7000 with VirtualTone Service.

Note 1: This guide has been tested with firmware version 3.3.1 and Bootrom 4.3.0. Be aware that different firmware revisions may have different web interface formats and functionality.

Note 2: This FAQ is based on a new phone OR one that has been reset to factory defaults. If in doubt, reset the phone to Factory Defaults.

The preferred method to configure a Polycom Phone is via VirtualTone Provisioning purchased from VirtualTone. You can however follow this guide to manually configure your phone.

Configuring the Phone to Register with your VirtualTone service

1. Start up the phone and identify its IP Address – using the menu key on the phone, go to the “Status” option, then to the “Network” option, and select the “TCP/IP Parameters” option. For this example we will assume the IP Address of the phone is, and the IP Address of the VirtualTone System is

2. Point your browser to the web interface of the phone:

3. We now need to set the phone to register with VirtualTone Phone System. Click on the “Lines” tab, and configure as follows:

4. In the “Identification” section of the “Lines” tab:
a. Set the “Display Name” field to the name you want to appear on the Phone display.
b. Set the “Address” field to the extension number you want to associate with this phone.
c. Set the “Auth User ID” field to the extension’s Authentication ID.
d. Set the “Auth Password” field to the extension’s Authentication Password.

5. In the “Server 1″ section of the “Lines” tab:
a. Set the “Address” field to the IP Address of your VirtualTone Phone System – in this example,
b. Set the “Port” field to 5060, which is the default

6. In the “Local Settings” section of the “SIP” page, set the “Digitmap” field to blank by removing all the contents.

7. Click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. Your phone will restart. After rebooting, the phone will register with your VirtualTone Phone System. This can be verified by dialing "*97" then pick up the handset. You should hear enter your password.

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