Why VirtualTone?

VirtualTone offers a complete voice and video communication solution for business of all sizes, from start-ups to call centers. Since 1998, VirtualTone has provided a fully-dedicated,hosted solution.

VirtualTone gives businesses the customization that comes with an on-premise phone system, all at a hosted solution’s price point.

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What sets VirtualTone apart? Why is VirtualTone the only communication system you will ever need…Guaranteed?

VirtualTone goes the extra mile every day to provide you with the service and support required to make your communication system work and make you look like the successful company you are—and more. We want to do our part to make your success obvious to your clients.

VirtualTone has an outstanding, capable US-based Technical Support Team available 24x7. Our Customer Service and Support team is standing by whenever you need them.

VirtualTone’s ability to customize a communication system, designed to meet your specific needs, backed by our knowledgeable technicians makes us the only communication system you need. We work directly with you to deliver a complete solution that increases operational efficiency, improves performance and optimizes service.

VirtualTone is affordable, user-friendly and offers a solution that allows you to grow your business with confidence, knowing your phone system will expand along with you.

Contact VirtualTone today and discover why it’s the only communication system you’ll ever need.

Product Overview

VirtualTone handles all aspects of PBX updates and changes (Managed) on
customer-specific PBX environments (Dedicated) on VirtualTone-owned hardware and carrier-grade networks (Secured).
● Manage all, some, or none of the PBX directly. VirtualTone provides full support for adds/moves/changes.
● Bring in your own SIP / IAX trunks and DIDs, or port your numbers to VirtualTone with porting support.
● PBX’s are not shared across customers; Each PBX environment is isolated and dedicated to you and your unique requirements.
● Each PBX has multi-layer security and intrusion detection to keep out hackers and telecom thieves.
● Multiple locations and remote work are the standard for us, not the exception.
● Mobile apps for on-the-go communications with Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, etc.
● CRM integrations that can be custom to you and your needs.

Service Details
● Networks & data-centers are voice-specific & carrier-grade, owned by VirtualTone
● 8am - 5pm CST phone or email US-based support
● 24x7x365 US-based support for service and network outages
● 24x7x365 PBX monitoring
● No bandwidth or traffic fees
● Free backups of PBX (except call recordings)
● Free upgrades and updates as needed and available
● Secure access to browser-based Operator Panel and management interface
● Robust Intrusion Detection systems and firewalls
● Multiple PSTN-carrier fail-over for outbound calls
● Alternate inbound call routing if customer experiences ISP problems
● E911 support with free address read-back, including multiple-location support
● Third party SIP / IAX trunking supported
● Endpoint management available for easy phone provisioning
● Free video training on phone functions, other functions live remote trained as needed
● Basic and Advanced Call Center / Queue statistics packages available

Setup and On-boarding
● Implementation documentation provides PBX configuration base
● PBX security configuration of firewall and intrusion detection systems
● VirtualTone trunk setup and configuration (or bring your own)
● Setup browser-based operator panel for at-a-glance PBX activity monitoring
● Number porting support and management (if needed)
● E911 address setup and verification
● Online training
● Customer testing prior to turn-up or cut-over


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